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Mr. Dalton, Principal of CRMS and his family in the desert.

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new principal of Cowan Road Middle School.  My name is Derrick Dalton and I wear many hats as a husband, father, grandfather, educator, coach and sports fanatic!  I grew up near Mayberry (yes-Andy Griffin) in a small North Carolina town called Walnut Cove.  This is where my preparation to become a life-changing educator began as I was surrounded by caring teachers who pushed me to excellence regardless of my obstacles!  As an educator, I am simply replicating the care, respect and high standards that were established for me in Walnut Cove at a very volatile age. 

As the new “Lead Learner” at Cowan Road Middle School, I would like to share my vision and beliefs as the principal. My vision is to be responsible for creating a collaborative culture where teachers have an active role in the decision-making process, parents are involved in their child’s education, and our school is seen as a vital part of the community.  We must promote an environment of professionalism and trust as we remove all barriers that impede student learning at the highest level.  I believe that student achievement can be maximized if the parents, staff and the community work hand in hand.  I also believe that in order to fully prepare our students for academic success, we must vertically team with the elementary and high school feeder patterns.  With this type of vertical team work, we would be able to set and reach challenging goals that are specific to your child’s academic and social growth.  I believe the students are the purpose of our work, they should be treated as individuals and all students are capable of learning!
Once again, I am thrilled to be at Cowan Road Middle, and I look forward to partnering with ALL stakeholders to continue the positive trends and high expectations that have become the standard here at Cowan Road Middle School!
Derrick O. Dalton, Ed. S

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